About Us

Sharron Rose
Founder and President

Welcome to the Sacred Mysteries Marketplace. Our DVDs and books have been designed to acquaint you with an extraordinary spiritual, scientific and artistic heritage that has been handed down to us by our ancient ancestors and is our true birthright as human beings. Based upon sacred teachings and initiatory experiences that lie at the heart of this ancient heritage, Sacred Mysteries has been created to bring you insight into soul healing, alchemy, shamanism, the sacred arts, Tantra and the Divine Feminine, and much more. In addition, our DVDs offer a clear and cogent look at the prophesies and predictions surrounding the year 2012, the enigmas of crop circles and UFOs, as well as fascinating and timely perspectives on our current global crisis.

Our authors, scholars, teachers, artists and healers have spent decades of research and first-hand experience in their diverse fields of expertise. The teachings they present offer remarkable perspectives on the intimate relationship between the metaphysical realms of vibration, light and energy as perceived by visionaries and mystics of traditional cultures and the concrete physical world we inhabit. Sacred Mysteries promises to open the doors to an expanded vision of reality and assist you in actualizing the enormous potential for growth, healing, transformation and illumination that exists in us all. Sacred Mysteries DVDs explore not only the knowledge and foresight held by the men and women of these ancient traditions, but their relevance to the shifting times. In this way, Sacred Mysteries seeks to empower each and every individual to assist in the creation of a peaceful, sustainable, and joyous world, filled with love, beauty and truth.

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