Adey - Rogue Download (MP3 Download)

Adey - Rogue Download  (MP3 Download)

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Adey—Rogue - Daybreak   Play
Adey—Rogue - Bodhi   Play
Adey—Rogue - Willing You   Play
Adey—Rogue - Pretty Dime   Play
Adey—Rogue - Moon In Leo   Play
Adey—Rogue - To Get Here   Play
Adey—Rogue - Surrender   Play
Adey—Rogue - Together   Play
Adey—Rogue - January Cesarian   Play
Adey—Rogue - Unexpected   Play
Adey—Rogue - Clockwork Dreamland   Play

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Adey - Rogue (MP3 Download)

The beautiful and talented Adey debuts her first album Rogue with Sacred Mysteries. Rogue is one of the most spiritually and physically uplifting new albums released in years. Adey's gifted songwriting sends you into realms of light and darkness. Rogue has captured the zeitgeist and is reflecting it back... a mirror for all of us to see. Rogue is hopeful, desperate, exalting, numinous and much more. Adey will be starring in the forthcoming Sacred Mysteries feature film entitled "Shasta". Adey also has one of the lead roles in the film.

"Adey is not just a great musician, she takes your breath away. The first time we heard her play and sing we looked at each other and said, she belongs on stage!"
  –Terces and Matthew Engleheart, Founders of Cafe Gratitude

"She takes delight in her playing. It might be a delight to do the wondrous with pleasure and ease. Perfect, perfect; piano playing and singing. We don't see this much. Only in nature..."
  –Michael Hurley, folk legend

"A one woman cabaret of emotional impressionism."
  –Alexander Polinsky, actor

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