Vicki Richards - Temple Dwellers (MP3 Download)

Vicki Richards - Temple Dwellers (MP3 Download)

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Vicki Richards—Temple Dwellers - Wellspring   Play
Vicki Richards—Temple Dwellers - Slices Of Ravel (Part I)   Play
Vicki Richards—Temple Dwellers - Earthwalker   Play
Vicki Richards—Temple Dwellers - Montserrat   Play
Vicki Richards—Temple Dwellers - Slices Of Ravel (Part II)   Play
Vicki Richards—Temple Dwellers - Slices Of Ravel (Part III)   Play
Vicki Richards—Temple Dwellers - Restless Moon   Play
Vicki Richards—Temple Dwellers - Naima   Play
Vicki Richards—Temple Dwellers - Garunda   Play
Vicki Richards—Temple Dwellers - Temple Dwellers   Play

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Vicki Richards - Temple Dwellers (MP3 Download)

Vicki Richards is a musician/violinist, composer and improviser who is classically trained in 2 traditions. Ms Richards appears in a number of publications highlighting her place in history as a musical pioneer, particularly in the fusion of East Meets West. She was one of the first violinists to use both acoustic and electric violin processors.

Her studies in Classical European music and Indian Ragas have made her one of the most unique fusion musicians with access to a wide aural palette. She’s has been plugged in and globally connected in music for many decades.

Her 5th studio recording, She Vanishes, was released in 2011and is the latest realization of a soundscape that is based in world fusion motifs and classically-tinged melodies. Public Radio airplay and glowing reviews document her life through music.

In the past few years with local and national dance events Ms Richards is becoming known as a naturalist musician. She improvises while incorporating the music from our natural world (Everglades) with her field recordings.

Some of her colleagues in concert and on recordings include Robert Thomas Jr & Amitava Chatterjee. (former members of Weather Report), Layne Redmond, Steve Gorn, Steve Roach, Satoshi Takeishi and Jorge Alfano.Her current music partner is tablist and percussionist Jeff Deen.

Important venues include Sivananda Ashrams, Kripalu, Carnegie Hall, University Concert Halls, Temples, Churches, Health and Healing Support Centers.

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