Brooke Medicine Eagle

Brooke Medicine-Eagle is an American native Earthkeeper, Earth wisdom teacher, visionary, sacred ecologist, songwriter, harmonist, recording artist, and catalyst for healing, whose dedication is to bring forward the ancient truths concerning how to live a fully human life in sustaining harmony with All Our Relations. A primary goal of both she and her partner Sunny is to offer an active demonstration of living in close relationship with Nature, and, at their new FlowerSong Garden Sanctuary in the Okanogan Valley area of north central Washington, create a lifestyle that the Earth can sustain for generations to come.

She is the author of a classic spiritual autobiography, BUFFALO WOMAN COMES SINGING; and her latest book on the transformational practices of Earth magic and ascending into our greater humanity, THE LAST GHOST DANCE. You will also find reference to many wonderful articles in magazine and chapters in books that she has contributed to the world's wisdom teachings.

Brooke teaches from her primary identification as a global family Earthkeeper -- a sacred path dedicated to nurturing and renewing the Circle of Life through the growth and healing of our two-legged family upon Mother Earth. She walks this beauty path in a way which combines non-traditional Earth Wisdom with a strong dedication to learning from the ancient voices which speak through Mother Earth and Father Spirit. Although of mixed heritage, her tribal enrollment is through the Crow Indian tribe in Montana. She also has native blood from the Lakota, Nez Perce, and Cherokee peoples, as well as ancestors from Europe.

Brooke's interest is in the renewal of ancient ritual forms for creating a beautiful path upon Mother Earth, today and for the future, and her continuing ceremonial work reflects this intention. Creating harmony at all levels of life is her current focus, and she shares through living and teaching for manifesting a harmonious life for ourselves and All Our Relations as well as through her music. Her music expresses this in another powerful way.

A strong part of Brooke's and Sunny's vision is to bring individuals and small groups into a place of flowering beauty for retreat and visioning time--a time of deepening, transformation, and healing. Through her own retreat time, Brooke has developed a great appreciation for the power of this kind of quieting. She says, "As we move into this new time, it is not about figuring out anything or even doing something different; the most important thing is to release old and unworkable patterns at the baseline of our consciousness, and to align with the heart of our truest and deepest Self. This will mean, then, that the great energies coming to Earth in the next decade can energize what we really want - what is positive and magical - rather than magnifying the past programs of limitation, stress and disharmony that we have been playing out."

A tremendously empowering and healing aspect of her present work are two forms of very transformative and deep work: Inkan Luminous Body Healings to clear unworkable patterns, as well as Somatic Experiencing to release deep trauma and stress-thus allowing more resilience and integrity with your essential self. She is able to offer these healings through private telephone consultations as well as in person.



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