John Holland

John Holland is one of the top psychic mediums and spiritual teachers in the USA. He's been lecturing, demonstrating, and giving psychic readings for private clients for over 16 years. Born knowing, as a natural gifted intuitive, he studied metaphysics all his life, spending over two intensive years in England, training and working with some of the top psychic mediums. He received confirmation of his special psychic abilities after a near-fatal accident when he was 30 years old, when his unique skills were amplified and brought to the surface.

Spectacular results have been achieved with clients throughout North America, Canada, Europe, and Australia. He is a regular guest on TV and radio shows across the USA where he can often be seen to offer 'spot' psychic readings. His story was originally profiled on CBS "Unsolved Mysteries', and the success of Born Knowing and Psychic Navigator has enabled him to captivate audiences throughout the world, while he's contacting the spirit world.

John's charismatic and lively demonstrations provide his audience with a rare opportunity to experience the fascinating phenomenon of mediumship, which he delivers with a mix of his distinctive style of humor, pure intensity, and compassion. When he contacts the spirit world, he loves to tell his audiences, "they want to talk to you as much as you want to talk to them!"

John passionately believes that his job as a psychic medium is two-fold, not only helping those to connect with their loved ones, but also empowering those he comes into contact with, to follow their own spiritual journey. Often losing a loved one causes one to question their own belief about life after death and as a spiritual teacher, John can help them to tap into their psychic intuitive abilities as well as help them discover and recognize the signs and symbols associated with their loved ones that have passed on.

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