Rob Hand

Robert Hand, began his study in astrology at the age of 17, learning from his father, Wilfred Cady Hand, a cosmetic chemist by profession, who applied the astrological techniques of his day to forecasting the stock market. Concerning his early education, Rob is an honor graduate from Brandeis University, with honors in History. He completed some graduate work in the History of Science at Princeton. Rob began his astrology practice in 1972 and after publishing his best seller, Planets in Transit, he began traveling world wide as a full-time professional astrologer.

Robert Hand holds a Masters of Arts in History from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. He is currently writing his dissertation for The Catholic University's Doctor of Philosophy in Medieval and Byzantine Studies. Robert Hand's original research, manuscript translation, and dissertation concerning astrology in medieval military matters will be the first original work of this kind.

It is very difficult to write a brief biography about Rob, when his life has been so active and full of wonderful people, travel and business opportunities. Robert Hand founded several astrology related companies which included in the mid 1980's Astrographic Services, which later became the successful Astrolabe Incorporated in Brewster Massachusetts. In 1997 he founded ARHAT a formal archive, library and small publishing company for continuing his academic work in the history and science of astrology. This later became ARHAT Media, Inc. in Reston, Virginia, where the Hands have an active astrology practice. In his professional practice Rob uses tropical, heliocentric, sidereal, uranian, cosmobiological and in mundo techniques with ancient and medieval methods discovered anew in the Hebrew translations by Meira Epstein, the classical Arabic by Dr. Charles Burnett, and the classical Greek by Dr. Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum. It will take a very large book indeed to include the many friends, relatives, colleagues, places and events that have shaped the life and astrology of Robert Hand. This brief and inconclusive webpage is not even a good summary, but will have to do for the moment.

Robert Hand's library now houses the original texts and translations of over two dozen ancient and medieval astrologers. Books that he has authored to date include: Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living, Planets in Composite: Analyzing Human Relationships, Planets in Youth: Patterns of Early Development, Essays on Astrology and Night and Day: Planetary Sect in Astrology.

Robert Hand is a Patron of the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, a former Chairman of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, and is a member of AFAN and ISAR. Rob lectures in conferences, seminars and workshops, and offers professional astrology services to clients worldwide.




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