Robert Nichol

Having established himself as an award-winning director and cinematographer, Robert has continued in his capacity as producer and filmmaker with Genesis Communications, a West Coast company.

Regarded as an independent visionary producer of programming that seeks to enlighten as well as entertain, he brings to the world community new ideas and concepts leading to new approaches in healthy living, new ways of being and finally to the development and evolution of human thought.

Known as a brilliant cinematographer, Robert was also a pioneer in the cinema verite movement. He cut a swath through a variety of film formats desigining by volition, an approach to filmworks that he hoped would be more spontaneous and authentic. His many workings attest to the fact that his love of cinema prevails and his desire to "bring the truth out" is everlasting. Finally he brings to his mission as a filmmaker, unbounded enthusiasm for revelation and new expressions in cinematic form.

As a mentor and teacher, he allows many new talented professionals the opportunities to develop and express through challenging subject matter and breakthrough programming, while at the same time following and encouraging them with his passion for new ways of cinematic artistry.

A veteran filmmaker with 25 productions to his credit, his present motivation in his work, is to encourage the development of a new spiritual consciousness while seeking to bring about a new awareness for humanity’s purpose. To this effect, he looks for partnership in any endeavour that finds response on these levels and any broadcaster willing to brave new ideas.

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