William Henry

I’ve looked under chairs. I’ve looked under tables. I’ve tried to find the key to fifty million fables. They call me the Seeker. I’ve been searching low and high.”

“As the Who song says, I’m a Seeker. I’ve been searching low and high to find the answers we all have a thirst to discover. Who are we? Where did we come from? What are we doing here? (How do we leave?) Where do we go from here? How do we get there?”

William Henry is an investigative mythologist, author, radio talk show host, seeker and teacher. In 2007 he is celebrating his 10th anniversary as a self-published author of 14 books and numerous DVD presentations.

He has specialized in synthesizing myth and cutting edge modern science to reveal a startling but undeniable pattern of fact – that throughout history and across widely diverse cultures, there is an absolutely seamless tradition of the existence of gates to the stars, which have been preserved in the art and myths of each era and place. Beings that came from the light of the vastness of the Milky Way, and beyond, did so through these gateways… and left the secrets of a Way to the Stars for us to discover.

Loss of the secrets of this gate has brought great challenges to humanity. Rebuilding the gate is a reachable goal and will transform us into the more advanced beings we seek to become… and already are within us.

Today, physicists call these gates called stargates or wormholes. These cosmic gateways theoretically link regions of the universe millions of light years apart and allow nearly instantaneous communication between these regions.

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